New Issue Calor Cylinders

If you’re looking for a New Calor Cylinder then we have some great news for you!

We are now able to complete CRAs for new cylinder issues on the entire Calor Gas Range. There are now 10 cylinder sizes we can complete new issues for: 7KG Butane, 15KG Butane, 6KG Propane, 13KG Propane, 12KG Auto, 18KG Auto, 19KG Propane, 47KG Propane, 5KG Patio & 13KG Patio cylinders.

All these cylinders are in stock and are available for collection or delivery. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please speak to one of our sales team who are on hand to help. 01252 540319 or Email Us

Calor Gas Cylinders Being Discontinued

Calor have announced that as of 1st February, they will be discontinuing the 3.9KG, 4.5KG & Cube Gas Cylinders from their range!

Why have they done this?

“Improving our cylinder service is a priority. Our existing range of cylinders is creating complexity within our supply chain. This means longer change over times and reduced filling capacity on high volume key sizes. That’s why we’ve taken the difficult decision to reduce our cylinder range, simplifying the business.

For any customers with these cylinders, we will be able to exchange them for alternative cylinders. For example those looking for a 3.9KG Propane will be offered a 6KG Propane, and those looking for a 4.5KG Butane will be offered the 7KG Butane.

As the Cube Cylinder was specifically designed for the Calor Cube Heater, there is sadly no alternative cylinder. Because of this we can either offer a refund in accordance with your Cylinder Refill Agreement, or £7.50 Inc. VAT if you don’t have your original paperwork (CRA)

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but as always we will try to help wherever possible.

B&Q Supply Update

As of December 31st 2022, Calor will no longer be supplying any B&Q stores with their gas. This will mean that any customers who purchased a cylinder from either their Farnborough or Guildford branch will no longer be able to exchange it there.

As one of the areas leading Calor stockists, we will be liaising with Calor to ensure that we have a constant and reliable supply of their range coming into us. This will help to ensure that any customer seeking to exchange their empties for full ones, will not be disappointed.

We will also be increasing our stock of the 5KG Patio & 13KG Patio (Green) cylinders as we expect to see a significant increase in sales as the good weather starts to return.

The advice we always suggest to our customers is try and pre-order wherever possible to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us on 01252 540319.