Calor Gas - Calor 5 KG Patio Gas

Calor Gas

Calor 5 KG Patio Gas

The Calor 5 KG Patio Gas can be used with small table top patio heaters.

Suitable for small portable BBQs with no more than 3 burners.

Regulator: Calor Patio Gas 27mm low pressure propane clip on gas regulator

We also offer a complete universal BBQ kit providing all you need to get your BBQ up and running

Not the size you’re looking for? Why not try our other cylinder size:

Calor 13 KG Patio Gas

We offer delivery on all Calor cylinders, covering Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. Please speak to one of our sales teams for more information.

Please note: If making a new purchase then you will need a cylinder refill agreement plus the cost of a refill.

Cylinder Refill Agreement

£49.99 (Inc. VAT)

Cylinder Refill Agreement Charge


£23.10 (Inc. VAT)

Cylinder Refill Agreement Charge

What is a Cylinder Refill Agreement?!

When you buy a gas bottle from us, you’ll be asked to pay for and agree to the Calor Cylinder Refill Agreement, which legally states that the cylinder always remains the property of Calor Gas Limited. When it’s empty, you can simply exchange it for a pre-filled cylinder within the same category group, or return the cylinder in good order to us for a partial refund*. See your Cylinder Refill Agreement paperwork for more information.