Adams Gas - Pure Argon 10 Litre (200bar)

Adams Gas

Pure Argon 10 Litre (200bar)

Adams Gas Supplier – Adams Gas Argon 10 Litre
Cylinder content 10L at 200 Bar @ 15°C
Cylinder size (Height = 76cm – Dia = 10cm)
Cylinder content 2m³
99.9% Argon
Ideal for MIG welding stainless steel between 1 – 12 mm thickness
Ideal for TIG welding stainless steel between 1 – 8 mm
Suitable for all grades of materials
Standard regulator fittings as BOC, Air Products and Air Liquide
No bottle rental
No Environmental charges
No collection fees

All cylinders are owned, maintained and tested by Adams gas and are never at any point owned by the user. To check the test date of a cylinder, please look at the coloured ring around the gas valve. The deposit on the cylinder is held by Rent Free Gas and is fully refundable on return of the cylinder, at any point and is not subject to a limited time frame. Charges will apply if the cylinder is returned with any damage.

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We offer delivery on all Adams Gas cylinders, covering Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. Please speak to one of our sales teams for more information.

Please note: if making a new purchase then this will be the initial deposit plus the cost of a refill.

Refill Only

£65.39 + VAT